Personalized insulated water bottles in bulk

custom insulated water bottles

Double wall insulated water bottles

A water bottle made by double walls stainless steel with vacuum insulated layer to keep hot 12 hours up and ice cold 24 hours up, that is insulated water bottle also name thermos flask.

With advanced vacuum insulation tempshield technique, the insulated water bottle creates an airless between the double walls to eliminate the convection process of temperature change virtually, your drink will stay ice cold or steamy hot no matter what the forecast.

custom insulated water bottle

Custom insulated water bottle

People may need custom insulated water bottle for different demands, for advertising, marketing, promotion gift, personal gift, souvenir, branding, having fun etc.

Here let’s have a close look at how to make custom water bottle with different method, techniques, then we can know how to start it from 1 pcs bottle or bulk quantities, it maybe more easier than your think……

01. Customized Water bottles with pictures

customized water bottles with stickers

Custom water bottles Labels

Oki sticker collection has tons of unique waterproof vinyl stickers that you can stick on Laptops Cellphones Water Bottles Cars Suitcases Notebooks and much more! Customize all your things with these amazing stickers! They are waterproof and long lasting! Stickers are available in Matte or Glossy Finish (finish is noted in the second photo) Promo: Mix and Match any 5 Oki Stickers and get the 6th one for FREE. Discount automatically applied in cart, when you add the 6th sticker.

Customized Water bottles with engraving

Custom Engraved Water bottles

Custom Water Bottle, Engraved Anime Bottle, Custom Laser Engraved, Anime Gift, Anime Lovers, Waifu BottleDo you ever wish you could take your waifu or husbando anywhere you go? Well now you can! This custom Laser Engraved Anime bottle allows you to bring them anywhere, AND stay hydrated wherever you are. At the gym, during class, or during those late night gaming sessions, you can keep your anime girl with you wherever you are!With this product you choose WHATEVER CHARACTER YOU WANT to be.

Embossing custom insulated water bottles

Custom embossing Water bottles

Custom Water Bottle with embossing your brand name on it to make the bottle looks high-end quality, and more durable than other custom technique.

The way to make embossing custom water bottle required a custom stamping tooling to work it out, here you can contact Ecoway Houseware Team to check how to start it……

custom insulated water bottle with different colors

02. Custom color insulated water bottle

  • stainless steel color is natural color, only polishing could is achieved
  • custom color by spray painting for water bottle, matt finishing or glossy finishing is available
  • custom color by powder coating for water bottle, it is super durable, dishwasher safe

To make different colors with different finishing for your custom insulated water bottle in bulk, especially a muti-colors, you need to confirm the Pantone color number firstly to start the customization, more information can contact Ecoway Houseware Team to check how to start it……

custom insulated water bottle with graphic designs
custom insulated water bottle with graphic design pictures
Custom insulated water bottle with muti color graphic picture

03. Personalized insulated water bottles in bulk

Insulated water bottle can be personalized with any graphic designs, you can un-limited your imagination to design any colors, pictures you wan to have for your custom bottle projects, here we have some typical technique method to achieve your customized bottle with pictures.

All these customization for your water bottles require a graphic design drawing document with AI. format to start sample plate cost evaluation, sample mock-up, sample making, you can contact Ecoway Houseware Team to get more information for how to start it……

Custom insulated water bottle sketch drawing
3D Prototype custom insulated water bottle
Build tooling to make a custom insulated water bottles

04. Build tooling to make a custom insulated water bottle

From a design sketch drawing, a sample, or only an image to start to make a custom insulated water bottle by building toolings, here we have typical procedures for your better understanding:

  1. market investigation
  2. design idea resource & searching
  3. design concept analysis with water bottle shape and functions
  4. design sketch drawing building
  5. design sketch drawing reviewing and make water bottle prototype sample reviewing
  6. design sketch drawing evaluation from manufacturing & quality aspects
  7. design drawing modification
  8. water bottle toolings development and manufacturing (takes around 30 ~ 45 days)
  9. T1 sample, T2 sample, T3 sample making and evaluation & test
  10. water bottle product sample approval, color sample approval, customized picture water bottle sample approval, packaging box sample approval
  11. Mass production

It usually takes 3 months more to build toolings to make custom insulated water bottle project, needs good experience and technique engineers to for technique supports from the beginning, you can contact Ecoway Houseware Team for more information to know how to working together for your projects……

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